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Jungu Guo is an interactive media designer & developer based in New York, whose practice ranges from algorithmic art to physical computing, interactive installation and UI/UX.


About Me

Guo enjoys ​straddling the fields of design and technology. He relishes any chance to tweak, hack, and bend technology to his will to construct a meaningful narrative, or just indulges himself in using computer to explore aesthetics as a powerful creative process.

He just graduated as a MFA from Parsons School of Design - Design and Technology Program and looking to be a full-time Creative Technologist. Feel free to drop him a message :)


Creative Technologist, Museum of Science and Industry

2019.9-Current | Chicago, US

Develop in-house interactive museumexperiences and help guide thetechnical aspects of exhibit projects.Featured project is a Gaming exhibitwhere I developed one of the games ondisplay from scratch to build-out.

Creative Technologist Intern, Moujiti Media Art Studio / 某集体

2018.12-2019.01 | Beijing, China

Developed interactive prototypes for media art installation commissioned by Beijing Daxing International Airport and explored technical solutions for a media art exhibition in the China Pavilion of LaBiennale di Venezia 2019.

Interactive Team Intern, teamLab / チームラボ

2018.06-2018.08 | Tokyo, Japan

Worked as graphic programer in the Interactive Team, making shaders within Unity3D for a projection mapping project called “Flight of Dreams” at Centrair Airport in Nagoya.

Interactive Media Designer & Developer, E-Go Animation Studio /鱼果动画

2015.07-2016.09 | Beijing, China

Worked as creative technologist and develop large scale multiplayer interactive edutainment installation for children aged from 4 - 7 and also helped design, developed and maintained technical infrastructure for museum.

Graphic Design Intern, Beijing V-Link Marketing & ConsultancyCompany /伟联市场咨询

2015.03-2015.04 | Beijing, China

Assisted in the creation of brand deliverables and assets such as identity, logo-marks / logotypes, iconography, illustrations, posters, packaging for the marketing department.


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