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This is my creative garage: a place where I dabble in and play with a wide range of digital and analog mediums. I believe unique innovation springs from consistent exploration and experimentation.

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What is it?

Case study

Generative design

Generative Design is a process where a basic shape, pattern or object is automatically modified by an algorithm that combines a limited number of steps, rules and parameters.

Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence algorithms enable us to analyze the data in a way that every day, every second, is different. We process a huge amount of data so we can extract various conclusions and transform them into unique one-off visualizations.

Generative Content

The main goal of the generative content is to transform data into art.
Data tells stories, and we will express them as various visualizations based on basic figures/shapes and organic movements found in nature.

How we use it?

We will use Generative Design in conjunction with the artificial intelligence server to generate unique visuals, lighting effects and moods. The result: infinite modifications of the starting solution (within a solution space set by the designer).


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